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This web site debunks the Big Lie of Liberal Media. We exist because so many people watch TV and surf the web like moths doing wingovers into tiki torch flames. Fly away, Love.  

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Got Chutzpah?
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George Zimmerman, Not a Jew
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YMCA invades NBA

Rare, low scoring Gay comes out

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The Masters rules of Race

Lesser races shafted

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Rutgers Coach Right

Don't badmouth America

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We deliver, Romney fails

Glass is 53% full

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Rabbi's Five for Romney

The Simpsons concur

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Electoral College hurts white men

Rabbi knows the score

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Romney: Masterdbater

Mitt pumps out a win

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Cure Meningitis with Phone Sex

Fla. Gov. Scott's Fix

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Obama KO'd in Debate #1

A Killing on Live TV

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Fox News to win Peabody

Live Suicide Show!

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We win in a Schvartzeoff

Ex-Rabbi Raises Cain

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Obama lies on illegals

Alien in Chief reneges

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Romney and Commie Care

Sitting in a Tree...

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Democrats Butt Ugly Show

America's Got Ugly

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Akin's Brave Truthiness

Top 10 Lies of Women

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Ryan and Schvartze?

Recalls Clayton Bibsby 

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Jews, Rejoice for Ryan!

Former Rabbi Tells Why

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