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YMCA invades NBA

Morty Rabinovitzski
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:49 AM
Latest Articles | Morty Rabinovitzski

We have known for years that the Washington Wizards NBA basketball team sucks. With Jason Collins' announcement yesterday that he is a Fagela, we now know that the Washington Wizards literally suck.  Literally. 

Collins averaged a mere 3.6 points per game in his twelve year career which saw him make his bed in 6  different cities.  One would have thought Collins' deviant proclivities would have made him a more prolific scorer.   As any faygele will tell you, it doesn't take much talent to put a ball through a (glory) hole to score.

ESPN's Chris Broussard certainly scored when he  opined on Outside the Lines that Collins being "openly homosexual . . . is a sin . . . and an open rebellion to G-d."  It is clear G-d hates fags. Until yesterday, it wasn't as clear that G-d hated the NBA, too. Long a place where schvartzes go to get rich, with the outing of Collins, the NBA has declined to nothing more than a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.   With all of the "banging" in the paint, the setting of "fruity" picks and the "pounding" it in the post, none of us should be surprised.  

What does G-d have planned next for the NBA? Women?  I pray to you, please, not women in the NB-gay - this means you Mark Cuban and Brittney Griner!