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Year End List Blast

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 10:10 AM
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In the spirit of stupid self-serving sum up lists at year's end, here is mine:


5. Houston of course

4. Our new ventures Underprivileged Belly, our upscale restaurant on Upper Kirby and

3. The Torture Club-our midnight to damn party center for sadists

2. HAIR TRIGGER COPS who keep us safe from the angry young bucks roaming our cities

1. FRACKING: Let the methane go and the money flow!


5. 40 Something Bitches With Problems: Not just a 90s rap group, but every woman Ole C Wad seems to date lately thinks they worn or shorn glove deserves better than my brilliance and wealth. Dangerous to your daughters? You don't know the half of it, skanks

4. UT Football: The Uncle Charlie Weak era ends with a Razorback Deliberance-You sure got a pretty mouth-but every football team needs a few felons (Thanks to Founders Room Honest) 3. Democrats-dullards and dunces one and alL!

2. Ferguson Inspired Hooligans: Get out of the street you filth, or die

1. ISIS: These towel head beheaders are praying to Allah for cruise missiles sand slammed up their sphincter. Pray toward Mecca, assume the position and let Uncle Sam make sure you see 72 virgins, though your ass won't be among them. 

Happy New Year to you and Yours! See you back here in 2015!