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Tough Love at Rutgers

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:49 AM
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What's all this wussy fuss about Coach Mike Rice throwing a few basketballs at his college players or unleashing some gay slurs at them? Are athletes such sissys nowadays they can't take some good old fashioned physical and verbal abuse? They really must be faggots if they don't like getting pushed around, slammed in the back or otherwise manhandled by a man old enough to be their Father. If their real Fathers hadn't been out scoring crack, maybe they would have been cracked in the head a few hundred times so they would be disciplined and not cry like little cocksuckers choking on some hard Coach love.

Don't these whining liberals want winners in this world? Corporate America is just like sports and the punk ass players better learn that lesson while they are coddled in the college cocoon. There are winners and losers and the losers suck the Government Nanny's food stamp sized areola just to cling to their miserable lives, while the winners drive big cars, eat steak every night and abuse anyone anytime they want. I personally would like to line up every shiftless layabout on welfare at the YMCA court and fire basketballs at their heads and groins until they groan in pain on the hardwood. Then those sobbing homos can choke on MY hardwood until they learn to suck it up and take abuse like real men.

Thank God for RUTGERS Coach Mike Rice, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and every other macho American who is trying to put some stiff testosterone and backbone back in our rapidly wussify-ing wastrel weasel offspring. If we want America to continue to dominate the lesser peoples around the planet, we need more tough coaches to slap us out of our senseless stupor.