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Women's Rights

C. Wadsworth
Posted on May 01 2013 at 10:18 AM
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What's all the fuss about Mitt Romney and women's rights? The Rominator hit the bitch right in the mouth with his comments in the 2nd debate. Women SHOULD be at home by 5pm to cook dinner. Only a Homo or a Hobo wouldn't want his woman in the kitchen where she belongs, ready to serve a steaming meat and potatoes meal after his long day of labor. It would be even better if she had some stiff drinks ready, then let him slap her around for a few minutes to release the frustrations of hating his job, his wife and his life.

I find women in binders all the time, In fact, just last night I released a number of upstanding women from their binders. Then I let a few lucky ones sit on my lap for 20 dollars like I was Santa Claus, a jolly old man speeding his love in the hot dark chimneys of these hussies.These women had the only "right" they need:to worship my glorious phallus and shut up while I fondle their areoles and watch sports. A Romney-Ryan regime would support one righteous abortion: to strap these sick sluts in the stirrups and suck the "rights" right out of them. 



DR. Mike Sensalot By Unknown on Oct 19 2012 at 9:51 PM
You take me back to undergrad school when if you invited a young lady over to your apartment, she brought her own handcuffs. Some of the more sincere brought leg irons and whips. Ah, those were the daze.

I knew several chicks who put themselves through school hooking and pole dancing, and they were the coolest chicks on campus. And the amazing thing they all had in common was an incredible blow job along with a love of licking assholes. "Handcuff me and make me do your bidding, please!"

Who knew the Governator was so cool?
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