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Whole Binders Full of Women

Leah Nice
Posted on Oct 17 2012 at 4:51 PM
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The lib press is hammering Mitt Romney for his comment last night in the debate about helping women get ahead and compete with men. He told the moderator and the country that as governor of Mass., he had his staff people go out and find some qualified females for his cabinet, the result of which left him with  "whole binders full of women." He didn't write a book called "Women Bound" or "Bound Women" or something like that, some sick male fantasy. He didn't say he had whole binders full of women like they were commodities or inanimate objects. If he implied something like that, he certainly didn't mean it.  He didn't mean that he, Mitt Romney, was a binder of women, that he bound women up, or something. He didn't bind up any women, and he's no woman binder, is he? And I'm not talking about Planned Parenthood. Don't go there, Girlfriend.



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