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Wendy Witch of the West

Toby Thomas
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:21 AM
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I's gots to add my long pole to hep Greg Abbot steer his chair to the Guvner House. That Wendy Davis ain't nothin but a baby killin Ho who don't belong nowhere but neath Ol Toby 

I likes that Greg Abbot love his taco with the dark meat. I seen that commercial where his menudo in law say how happy she be that he be in her daughter. Jus" like Barbara Bush, she be proud of all her grand babies, especially the brown ones. 

And don't y'all forgets to vote for the Meskin Bush boy for Aggie Commissioner. Maybe if he let his colored side get the best of him, he can give my people they 40 acres and a mule we been promised since they gives us our freedom. 

Anyways you look, you gots to vote Republican if you gots any brains in yo booty.