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Wendy Davis Government by Harlot

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Apr 11 2018 at 8:50 AM
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I just went to my PO Box to pick up a fracking check so I can kick into the crazed consumerism of Christmas only to find a scurrilous 'package" from that no good harlot Wendy Davis. How she or her ilk could possibly believe I could ever support a woman for elective office is proof positive she is unfit for any office beyond dog catcher (though she ain't no dog, that's for sure).

I've always had a fondness for women named Wendy ever since one of them taught ole C Wad how to polish his love pistol to a fine grind, but this one is the devil incarnate. Her baby killing filibuster in the Texas House was vile enough, Now she believes that standing in high heels with her mouth open for hours qualifies her to be Governor? Hell, half the strippers from the Yellow Rose ( and a few from Uncle Charlie's)  have done that invisibly at the Cloak Room for years and I don't see them running for Governor!

We here at Houston REPUBLICAN have been on a rare quiet steak recently as we licked our wounds from the 2012 election debacle. But no more! I see that Hardy Bohner has already posted that Wendy Davis is Dangerous! And He is Goddamn Right, Will Robinson! I pledge to do everything in my righteous white male power to ensure this hussy hightails it back to Dallas, Denton, the kitchen, or the bedroom where she belongs, or my name ain't C WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW, God of Texas Politics!!!