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Weiner for Mayo

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:40 AM
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What's all this fuss about Anthony WEINER sexting pics of his dick to chicks or, as our colleague the Rabbi would say, of his schlong to shiksas?

Frankly, he is probably exactly the worm the Big Apple needs as its next Mayor. I heard competitive eating champ Joey Chestnutt endorsed this Hebrew National just after Joey claimed the Coney Island hot dog eating crown again. Choke on that one, Christine "Butch" Quinn!

And can you really blame him for sending full monty shots to a 22 year old named Sydney Leathers? Clearly it was her fault for letting him poke her on Facebook. Whip me, strip me and eat me raw, you Midwestern Political Vixen!

WEINER probably needed the release because he is married to a frigid Muslim lesbian. Let's face it: if it worked for Bill Clinton in the Oral Office, then why not in the privacy of WEINER's computer room? At least the taxpayers weren't stuck with the cleaning tab.