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This web site debunks the Big Lie of Liberal Media. We exist because so many people watch TV and surf the web like moths doing wingovers into tiki torch flames. Fly away, Love.  

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We win Again

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 10:11 AM
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Thank God for the great results of the November 2014 elections. Did anyone really believe a Negro Homo actually loved or led this blessed country? 

From the pained penile tip of Maine to the wide swath of red polyester clad ass squatting across the fat middle of the map, America has rediscovered itself  No more Muslim sheriff, no more weak chicks in charge: our elephant lays his trunk and balls across our land again! 

Now we can strip health care from peasant immigrants. Now we can force our inferiors into low wage slavery. Now we can frack the fricking life out of Mother Earth as we rape her juices. 

Celebrate more wasted wealth dribbling into dissipated planetary death. Raise your arm to the sky like a true blue Houston Republican & shout: "Heil Abbott! Heil Partick! Heil Meskin Bush!".