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We got Romneyed

Hardy Bohner
Posted on Nov 12 2012 at 5:53 PM
Latest Articles | Hardy Bohner

Just as Woody Harrelson’s character Roy Munson in ‘Kingpin’ is horrified to learn that the verb “Munsoned” has entered the popular lexicon as a term meaning to have the world by the tail and throw it all away, we learned last Tuesday when we saw Karl (Poppin-Fresh) Rove near tears on FOX that we got Munsoned, or, as we can now call it: “Romneyed.” Webster’s and the American Heritage Dictionary will take note:       

romneyed \`rŏm nēd\ adj (2012) 1 to lack any human traits that can connect with voters 2 to 'connect' with Michigan voters by telling them, "My wife Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs." 3 to write a treatise cheerleading the collapse of the American automotive industry 4 to fail to produce your tax returns 5 to vehemently espouse diametrically opposed positions on major issues (Obamacare, no-new-taxes pledge, abortion, economic stimulus, global warming, assault weapons, TARP – pick'em) 6 to make millions by firing thousands and then claiming to be a job creator 7 to call 47% of the country shiftless moochers and imagine 53% will know who they are and turn out and vote for you 8 to announce a plan to privatize social security and stray into nuance explaining it will only change "a little" for people who are under age 55 now 9 to wear magic underwear and soft sell a proven failure of an economic plan you promise to clarify after you are elected President 10 to tell US voters you'll get tough on China when you've made millions outsourcing jobs there

Romneyed works as an adjective: The Romneyed republicans were badly trounced; an intransitive verb: We were Romneyed; or as a transitive verb: He Romneyed us straight to hell.



By Unknown on Nov 13 2012 at 9:25 PM
How did those lazy people out work us and win the election without cheating? How did they out smart the white man? I think Romney was a democrat or communist plant (same thing). We are the moral people. We rigged the voting machines, told them the wrong election day, spoiled half their ballots and they still win by a landslide.

My Father gave me great advise earlier this year. In addition to telling me to vote for Romney, who he said had articulated a perfectly clear vision for the country, he told me that he has supported himself his entire life and everyone else should have planned ahead and done the same, instead of depending on the government, like democrats do. He said democrats have run this country in the ground, wanting their tax money to be used for programs that benefit people. How dumb can they be?

Of course, my Father (92) who has been on social security since he was 55,is right. I suggested that all his friends at the retirement home should protest the liberal agenda by returning their Social Security payments from now on, and stop taking meals on wheels and stop using medicare. (He thinks he is a republican,.... one of us,... but he is not). He wants the socialist agenda to continue another 50 years as long as he is on it. He recently asked for and I gave him $4000 to help with food and electricity. I shouldn't have, you know, that just breeds more dependency. Tough love is always best, I am just worsening the problem. I don't understand why all the old folks keep voting republican and keep taking the Social Security checks, if they really cared about the country like we do, they would burn their S.S checks and stop taking government handouts.
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