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Trump Pump

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:52 AM
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Elephants aren't an endangered species in the 2016 Presidential safari but some deserve to be gunned down like that Socialist Zimbabwe lion who wandered away from his cushy National Park Government housing. Let me be the Marathon Man Nazi dentist to the following pissant prey.
1. JEB BUSH: Married to a Meskin. Silver Spoon Suckass. Punkass Preppie. NO!
2. SCOTT WALKER: Curmedgeon Cheesehead College Dropout. NO!
3. RICK PERRY & LINDSAY GRAHAM: Maybe as running "mates" now that gay marriage is legal. NO!
4. JOHN KASICH: Best seen on the Golf Channel. Brain dead in Ohio. NO!
5. CHRIS CHRISTIE: Oliver Hardy meets the Moped Guinness Twins. NO!
The rest of the field? I can't even remember any of them EXCEPT:
1. The Donald: The OBVIOUS choice! Mega-Rich. Hot wife and daughter. Hates All Foreigners. Not just Meskins and Chinks. Politics is Reality TV anyway so why not let him rage You're Fired!
Carly: I love chicks named Carly. Nuff Said!

Houston Republican looks forward to Thursday's debate. We are up running and gunning again!