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Toby Thomas hate Speech

Toby Thomas
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:38 AM
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I be powerful mad at reading how Dave Wilson got his cracker ass on the Houston Community College Board by pretending to be a brother. This jive turkey is as white as my wife, yet he put a bunch of black folk on his flyers, and even quoted some sistas speaking about how the dude he beat didn't support the boys in the hood. I hope his honky junk gets dropped right in 5th Ward in a Klan robe that gets caught in the tires of every Escalade rumbling by.  SEE

And whiles I'm talkin', let me also say that Duck Dynasty Daddy Phil Robertson sure be right that any man who don't like 'vagina over a man's anus' must be one sick Casper but when I heard he said that all the blacks he knew growing up in Louisiana were happy with segregation and never sang the blues, I has to ask: did he even KNOW any Negroes? Or was he too busy trying to grow the longest beard he could to make up for his tiny white pecker? Then I read he said all women should be married by 15 or 16 and I knew he didn't know any blacks, cause you can damn sure have a 15 year old Baby Mama and not go to the trouble to marry the bitch. He should flip from A&E to TNT and learn from the NBA how to spread his man seed without the need for no marrying, Unless he really does like man anus and the only real beard in his life is his wife.

Toby just can't abide these damn fool O'fays spouting dummy talk from their flapping pink gums.Youse can call it hate speech, but I hope all these suckas gets thrown into the dumpster of history and burned like the white trash they are.