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Toby talks Back

Toby Thomas
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:48 AM
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Toby be madder at this blonde bitch than at that quaint redhead who cut him off by Internet. What be wrong with these white devils? She say it Ok to choke a brother to death cause he have diabetes? Look, She-Casper, don't matter if his big vein be blocked by your fake titties. Eric Harness got mo man meat to bring you to yo knees (which I knows you likes-heh heh) than any dead Jew you bum or scam money from.

NYPD call it "HOMOCIDE"  Can you read, Anna? or do I need to slap that white ass with my pounding thighs until you buck, scream "Good Luck" Then get down and suck until you wear my Pearl Necklace? I thinks so, you dumb Ho...