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Toby on Stirling

Toby Thomas
Posted on Nov 04 2018 at 2:01 PM
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I be powerful mad at that Cracker Slum Lord Donald Stirling and what he be saying to his Ho. What he mean that "when people see you with blacks they judge you" and "That's my Industry so I have to deal with them but you don't" . I thought he loved my peeps by Gimme Shelter in Watts, Bell Gardens, all the way from Jefferson and Adams near SC to down in Long Beach. But I reckon he longed for his bitch too much as he be speaking words too sting to take back.

I be sittin' in the airport where they call the road ONE WORLD WAY. Maybe Ole Toby is jus some washed up fighter but he hope that not just be a name. If the NBA don't take the Clippers away from this shriveled Ol Face, then Toby got a big Section 8 he gonna use to slam him.