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Toby chillin da punch

Toby Thomas
Posted on Nov 13 2020 at 2:13 PM
Latest Articles | Toby Thomas

I’s sure be happy dat Mr. O’Mahoff’s Icebox done been made President Erect. He sure cold cocked some points as why dat’s so-now just like muh dick, I’s a gonna make a Standing 8 count as to how I shore nuff agree-

8. I’s old enough to remember when all da fridges was white privileged then in the 60s some brown ones come in but in 2020 da motto do be-Black Fridges Matter

7. No matter color, they all hold the free food ole Joe and de Quadroon gonna gibs us

6. Dey May run smooth and Dey May run quiet, but If Dey don’t we can always riot

5. Everything else in da house come from China, why not de President Erect.

4. Vice President Erect Faucet run wet like a bitch’s pussy

3. Together, dey can make sure evry body take the Shot to cure the Covid-Da Fridge can store it cold enough and Da Faucet can get wet on yo hand like it was Mayor Willie Brown’s Johnson

2. CNN got the Negro Homo Lemon, Guido Dumbo Cuomo and Anderson Vanderbilt Pooper-I’s always trust evry word Dey say

1. Donald Drumpf be a Racist Nazi so we best put the House Slaves in his place Just like Ole Jack Mahoff, I’s believe in unity and healing, too-and We shore nuff gonna need it when Joe Fridge and Harris Faucet start usin the strap on Dey made from de cast of my member on dese Dis-You-Nighted States