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Toby be Winner, too

Toby Thomas
Posted on Nov 10 2014 at 6:03 PM
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Yessiree, Ol Toby be a winner too in Tuesday"s erection, like he be in all erections. First, that crippled cracker Gimp Addled look like Forrest Gump when he give that speech where he say he "living proof" That be the sternest proof moonshine a Toby ever taste outta a corn fed jar. 

Then he say his chick be only Spic First Lady.Don"t he know every maid in the Big House up in Austin be Dulce de Leche to Bush Junior. And every Gardner with a spade be Rick Perry"s Ho after he done jogging with his Johnson out on Town Lake. Toby don't mean LBJ, who used to like to put his Johnson in every donut hole from the Capitol to Cisco"s to 54th and Airport.

Then that radio guy Butch Patrick come on. He say how he only college guy in his fambly then say how impotent edjucation be. He sure be right there - if a moron hot air Old Face like him be most powerful man in Texas,

After Toby watch speeches, he dance all night wid white wimmen at the party then get a nice piece of vanilla cake in the back alley till cops shoo me on back to the Arch Center to crash, But I's have a wide smile on my big lips all night known" the right massas got da whip hand agin.



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