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The Stirling Don

Toby Thomas
Posted on Dec 13 2018 at 11:26 AM
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I gots to say how much I agree with that beautiful massa Stirling Donald when he says, "Should we make a role model of a man who slept with every woman he could and got AIDS?"

First I says, that diseased freak didn't stick his Magic Johnson in any of MY bitches, so what I care? He be dead soon anyway.

Next I says: who be this bitch The Donald be talkin to? I"d a slapped that gash right upside the head with MY special tool til she shut her ugly mouth up. That be the worst chitchat I hear from a bitch since my overseer hunted down my dear Pappy and pretend she love him, then kicked the poor boy out the Big House without a word. That be some lucked up Bullshit.

Lucky that house had no souls in it or it be haunted forever like some Louisiana plantation.

And then I sees our beloved Beyonce, Princess Houston Ho , be taped in some elevator fightin with Jay-Z? I"s loved that Homie since his great relationship song "I got 99 Problems and a Bitch Ain't One" Listen to your heart, chile! We all knows bein alone is better then bein trapped with some dumb ass psycho bitch who probably just inject you with cancer and get a boob job to steal yo money. They say you can"t take it with you but Damn! I be flying like Usain Bolt 90 miles an hour from that cold Ho. Maybe you and Magic can hang with the Donald and find some working girls to love on. At least they honest about exchanging they shaved snatch for what they need, instead of sayin a wedding ring is real but 300 dollars on the night stand ain't