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Right War is Eternal

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:50 AM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

A July 31 AP story in the Houston Chronicle was full of complaints by soldiers back from Iraq. Many said they don’t believe they’ve done any good, that their sacrifice has all been in vain because Iraq and Afghanistan are falling back into the tribal anarchy they’ve known, off and on, for centuries. They are further disappointed that no democracy has been established. Leaving the latter issue aside, because we obviously needed to revise our overly clever original acronym reason for invading (surely you recall “OIL: Operation Iraqi Liberation”) to something more palatable for Ma and Pa Kettle (“Operation Iraqi Freedom”), the disgruntled don’t seem to understand that war itself has been a huge boon, not only for many companies, but also for our whole economy.

War helps drive stock prices up for corporations that employ thousands. Dick Cheney's Halliburton and Brown & Root, to name just two local concerns, were both limping along before the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions and subsequent ten-year occupations. Halliburton was nearly bankrupt before the Iraq invasion, but its stock prices went through the roof after 2003. The company was then able to create thousands more jobs. Talk about your job creators! On our ongoing war against welfare, wars put people to work who might not be working otherwise. It is far better to give citizens jobs in the military than to put them on the welfare rolls collecting food stamps and unemployment. At least in the military they can be made to feel they are doing something worthwhile, notwithstanding the complainers trumpeted in the liberal media Sunday.

British Reverend Thomas Malthus taught all right-thinking right wingers that war is primarily a helpful way to cull the herd of the overbreeding poor who can't afford to live anyway. Every century of human history is rife with the murder of millions, except, of course, that it’s not murder if you’ve got a decal on your broadsword handle or helmet or airplane that shows your country’s insignia. People terminated by any means backed by an official insignia or country-of-origin flag aren’t really “dead.” Their former existence is only officially downgraded to “collateral damage.” They are, of course, entirely free to live in eternal happiness in the afterlife, provided they were a good Christian and had their proverbial house in order before being officially downgraded. The plain fact is that people MUST make war forever. We are programmed for it and can’t help ourselves.

In addition, Darwin taught us that only the fittest survive. Now, put this all together: Everybody agrees that overpopulation is one of the biggest problems the world faces. War then, is simply a natural solution, the final solution for millions that need to be removed to make the world better for the fittest among us. You KNOW you are among those fittest elite if you are still breathing; that is perfect, iron-clad logic, and you should rejoice that God has granted you the clarity of vision to understand it. Our Iraq war alone has helped cull the herd by at least a million Middle Eastern people. And we won’t ever again have to feed or house or pay the 3,500 (and counting) American servicemen and women who have passed away in Iraq and Afghanistan. That may seem a harsh conclusion, but I think Charles Krauthammer, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck would all agree. Therefore it is wrong for any of those American soldiers to say their service was in vain. I hope never to read such a depressing thing in the Houston Chronicle again. Their friends did not die (or lose a limb or two, say, to a roadside bomb) in vain. They sacrificed so that the rest of us may live. God Bless America.