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The Jig is Up in Washington

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Nov 06 2012 at 10:10 AM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

I've read some blogs about the possibility of democrats pulling a Black-Op to concoct a national "emergency"  meant to suspend the election and keep Obama in office indefinitely. It ain't gonna' happen. The jig is up. Obama has served his purpose. He knows his place. He will bow out gracefully for Empire.

Obama knows the only way he ever got into office in the first place is because Bush had  emptied the treasury by launching unwinnable wars on two fronts while issuing tax breaks that put America in the biggest hole the country has ever seen. There was little left to rule. All the long-range policy decisions had been made (and Obama dutifully continued all of them), but we needed someone to blame the financial fallout on, and there was some busy work to be done  trying to figure out how to keep the rabble from erupting in the streets as the economy imploded courtesy of Bush's corporate welfare as opposed to Clinton's social welfare.

If you think we could have won those wars Bush started, I've got some real estate to sell you. What could "victory" even be in the cesspool of the Middle East? It has never been accomplished by any empire, and it's laughable even to imagine "victory" there, unless you nuke the whole area and then rebuild the oil wells and send in Mexicans or robots to work them because they're the only thing that might be able to withstand the radiation fallout.

Bush was only made possible by years of neo-liberal  presentation of the patriarchal white man as a so-called "racist" or an insufferable buffoon. Ralph Kramden, Archie Bunker, Al Bundy, Homer Simpson and now Peter Griffin: all serve a purpose to undermine the white man's authority on this planet. Bush was only the crowning achievement of that liberal-commie conspiracy to destroy the white man's authority. We elected the biggest buffoon we could find, and that is what makes what he accomplished so especially satisfying. Admire the simple narrative: The "best and brightest" of our white race fucks things up 'beyond the pale,' so give the black guy a chance to fix it. But we did overplay our hand a bit there. Let's face this fact, the kink in our storyline, to understand why we got Obama. Without Bush flying the airplane into the mountain we never would have had to suffer the rule of Obama. But the beauty of the long-range plan is that Obama knows the program as well as anyone, so don't worry about him stepping aside. He couldn't fix the mess left and he doesn't want any more to do with it. That's why he slept through the first – and by far the most important – debate.

If you don't cotton to this logic (and remember, there are no accidents in politics), just tell me when have you ever known a Black man to hold a job for more than four years, except in the NBA or the NFL, which can't be included as "jobs."  O'Bummer will bow out all right, and happily, to retire to the lecture circuit, write a couple lame books, cut some ribbons, play some golf. I just hope he doesn't try to join my club.



Lord Trump By Unknown on Nov 11 2012 at 5:13 PM
A well written article, spot on.
My concern remains the all important birth certificate. We spent upwards of 5 billion USD trying to stoke the southern racists and religious evangelical "Christian" bigots and got nothing in return. The rest of America is not as dumb as our base. Maybe we are the dumb ones. Nah that can't be it.
Is it possible that God's chosen race, was unable to convince the dumb brown people we really cared about them? Why do they not understand that we republicans truly care about protecting every embro from conception until it is born, after which, we refuse to help them with pre or post natal care, education or housing for battered women because we all know, they only had the child so they could collect an extra $8 per week in food stamps.
One other thing I do not understand, if they are all so lazy why do hundreds of people show up for minimum wage jobs that don't even pay a living wage for a 40 hour work week and hold down 2 and 3 jobs?
Don't get me wrong, I know God loves the pure white seed line and we are his chosen nation, and that all others are ours to rule over. But tell me again, why didn't we vote for the Christian instead of the cult leader?
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