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The Bride wore Black

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on May 22 2018 at 8:19 AM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

Despite the breathless television coverage of the mulatto girl landing a lily white inbred Royal, the mixed race marriage is the worst thing to happen to blacks since OJ sawed off his wife's head and Bill Cosby was outed as a serial rapist.  Though middle class black and white girls and sundry fags and hags hooked on facebook were encouraged to squeeze their thighs together and squeal at the spectacle,  the end result will set back race relations by decades.  All these spectacles aimed at destroying the white race by erasing all identity are spectacular failures. 

The old Cosby show was supposed to teach the black rabble in the streets that all they had to do was put on a colorful sweater and become a doctor to find total happiness and contentment with a beautiful black wife (but not too black, mind you, in face or manner) and some cute not-too-black kids forever armed with readymade quips instead of handguns.  The problem for nearly every black who lived then and now is that the doctor and his perfect upper middle class house and perfect TV family were so far removed from not only what was possible for most to attain but also so insipid that every intelligent black person who witnessed the sorry show had to gag and think, 'Fuck it, dude, we better off finding hos and taking welfare than chasin that stupid shit. Lets get us some Salems and Courvosier and see where the white women at.' 

Cosby thought the same thing, hence the rapes.  Not saying it was ok to rape a couple hundred women (most probably kept their heads down, didn't want to join the 'me too' parade), but as both an intelligent and a soulless man, old Cosby was smart enough to see the ridiculous ruse the social engineers who run Hollywood as well as the "News" were making him a part of.  It wasnt enough for him to collect millions to prostitute himself for the New World Order that wants the white race and all of its fine European culture exterminated in favor of a complete slave society run by "elites," Cos wanted to take a bite out of somebody's ass, too, prove he wasn't just another victim himself, if he could victimize others.  It's all part of what Nietzsche called the superstructure of brutality that no collection of shiny sweaters or cardboard characters on a TV screen can put a pretty face on.