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The Brennan Bunch

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Dec 02 2018 at 10:05 AM
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What’s all this fuss about these beaner babies being boot camped? Most Texas kids go to summer camp and their parents have to pay for it! But these single senorita madres just get to drop off their drooling dirty diaper detritus with some nice men in uniforms. Then these good for nothing greasers get my tax dollars to eat three squares a day and play video games or soccer. Hell, they ought to just skip straight to Manual labor camp to prepare them for their real lives like their wetback papis.

And what kind of parent takes their child thousands of miles across dangerous terrain unless a trip to Wallyworld awaits? They should be in an asylum for taking that risk! Our glorious federal prisons are too good for them. In fact, just yesterday, I instructed my financial advisor to move some of my investments into chain link fence manufacturers and private prison corporations after I heard on the Mega Socialist Network Backing Commies these luxury child detention centers cost taxpayers $775 per child per night. Why not just book them into the Four Seasons on Cesar Chavez in Austin. Or better still, give them their tin foil blankets and move them into the Arch Center with the homeless.

The Final Solution is clear. Either sell the kids to pedophile child traffickers, or even better, I’m willing to invest in a more profitable venture- an all purpose detention center near the Rio Grande where the Hispanic whores work in C WAD’S BOYSTOWN, and the men work in a maquiladora factory turning these tasty ninos and ninas into high protein foodstuffs. I can see the slogan now- SOYLENT BROWN IS MADE OUT OF SPIC KIDS!