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Siks are not Sick

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Dec 13 2018 at 11:37 AM
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C. Wad ejaculates

I am tired of waking up to another pointless massacre. For all my friends at I want to clarify once and for all the difference between SIKHS and MUSLIMS. MUSLIMS are lying Arabs whose ass we have to keep kicking to avenge 9/11. SIKHS are peaceful turban wearing Aryans who own convenience stores.

Perhaps the easiest way for a Texan to understand the difference is to think of Arabs like Mexicans. They are both swarthy greasy people from hellish climates best suited for manual labor or being oppressed. Sikhs are Indians from India (pull start) .

I dated a Muslim woman once just to feel the difference on my Hellfire Missile. She was totally into light Bondage and Dominance (B&D). We had a game called Clam Chador where I would wrap her hijab over her face and spew my America Mayonnaise across her pink shell (future fossil fuel). I have lost track of Di Raghead since then, but I think it was true love.

For God"s sake the violence must stop!  Know who you are killing before you pull the trigger!