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Switch This!

Toby Thomas
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 10:10 AM
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Why these white devils be pickin on poor Adrian Peterson for beatin his boy Black & blue with a switch? That what my Daddy done to me and I become a Republican! it jus the way things be.

Youse get yourself the Rawest Sharpest stick youse can find, whittle it to a fine point, and beat that boy's butt whenever he back talk, like"feed me Daddy" or "who be this ho? She ain't Mama" So he draw a little blood? Good! That chile never forget or remember what he done wrong once his ass look like a honey whipped ham. You folks call it chile abuse? Chile abuse is when I ask my nephew to pull on my Mr Goodbar till the nought flow out. This jus be the way chile raisin be done, Hell, maybe if Ray Rice pull an elevator switch on that bitch he marry, youse folks not be mad at him.