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Monsanto Momma

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Apr 12 2018 at 9:58 AM
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Jack O Mayhoff is squealing like a sequential hermaphrodite at MONSANTO"s nurturing behavior toward our food supply. What is his hot beef with GMOs? Humans have been modifying foodstuffs since those Mesopotamian MoFos he praises first sodomized a goat.

Who cares if these seeds alter the soil so much that so called "natural" plants can no longer grow? Roundup lassos those nasty crop chewing bugs just like the holy chemists said it would. Those salt-of-the-earth scum who still toil the earth ought to praise the Lord that our primate ingenuity has replaced the vagaries of fate with bioengineered abundance.  That way, instead of laying around their decaying farms chewing hay, they can sell their land to the corporate interests that generate all the manifest benefits of modern life such as plastic.

I am tired of these tree cuddling COMMIES carping about "sustainability". These "false consciousness" faggots couldn't even sustain an erection without Viagra or some other chemical product stiffening their stalk. Thank God for the Mother Earth modifiers at MONSANTO. With friends like them, that fertile bitch will be rammed in her rightful place beneath us soon enough.