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Communist Plot of Correctness

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:35 AM
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Jack O'Mahoff is absolutely right about the creeping Commie kudzu of political correctness. These Fascists want to force me to respect every Fag, Negro, Gook, Spic and Bitch I encounter on a daily basis. They even want me to let them in the Petroleum Club as if they were Ragheads with oil money. Well, FUCK YOU THOUGHT POLICE! My mind is blissfully free of any concern for these ignorant inferiors unless they serve my immediate needs. 

When white men ruled the world as God intended, I was free to say and do whatever I wanted to these assorted foreigners and freaks. As if the results of the 2012 election were not disgusting enough, I am now expected to watch what I say and even treat them as equal? What the hell is happening in this blessed nation of ours? My new goal is to viciously insult anyone with the temerity to evidence any deviation from the norm. And I represent the norm according to every righteous standard. So take that you PC pussys! Just like the Godly Arizona woman who ran over her husband when he voted for B'Joke Hussy O'SecondTerm, I hope I can run my American built gas guzzling luxury car right over the lazy asses of these "Have a Nice Day" spouting socialists. To All of you who disagree: if you REALLY want me to have a nice day: GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY OR DROP DEAD!!!