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Spanish Caravan

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Apr 30 2018 at 4:37 PM
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I’m madder than a drunk Meskin pounding on my neighbor’s door at 4 in the morning at this dirty river of losers trying to cross our border without permission. Who do they think they are-Human beans? They’re not even Mexicans Jumping Beams to me. 

We are a nation of laws- not greedy brown claws. You want to work, whore? Boystown  is always hiring looker hookers. You say your country has problems? That ain’t my problem, bitch. I wish the CIA had killed you while they were assassinating your Democratically elected leader while installing our puppets. You got kids, cunt? Sell them to our elites for pedophilia if you want to earn some Yankee dollars. 

And here‘s a message for those so called attorneys who are giving these misguided Mestizos advice. Gitmo is open for bidness - and you’ll get a flight there Q class if you don’t get your shit straight and start obeying our laws. 

And a message to Mexico- wake up from your eternal siesta to enforce YOUR laws-if you can. I doubt it as Ive been to your shithole country a hundred times. It’s a Pantry for pantywaists who shit on our Roman lettuce then expect us to let the Spics you block at your southern border into our Anglo Utopia. 

Go endure Honduras. Back to El Salvador, pal. Make guacamole in Guatemala, mama. 


C Wadsworth Longfellow loves eating Mexican food.