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Save me the Dark Meat

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 10:10 AM
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Cannibalism: it's not just for brown people anymore. What's not to like?  C. Wad's bold suggestion would allow us to kill two browns with one stone. Though cannibalism may be considered distasteful to many thinner skinned Whites, our race does have some fairly recent experience with this delicacy. We would be wise not to dismiss C. Wad's thoughtful suggestion out of hand.

The great state of Wisconsin alone brought us Eddie Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer, while California delivered the "softcore" cannibal Ted Bundy, who, rather than eat the flesh (Californians are notoriously more delicate than hardy Wisconsinites), only left bite marks in the hide of a Florida State coed (his dental records were what finally matched the little man to his work), and we should take a moment to remember some impatient members of the Donner Party who couldn't wait for a Burger King to open in the Sierra Nevadas while they hungered for meat. So it's not like Whites have no experience in cannibalism. Let's not get too delicate here and miss the larger issues at hand.

We would do well to reconnect with our roots, especially as most of the fish population is dead or dying in the plastic-strangled, Fukushima-radiated Pacific Ocean; no sane person I know eats the Corexit-poisoned Gulf fish anymore; mercury poisoning has destroyed much of the world's other fish; mad-cow disease threatens what meat is not already ruined by Monsanto's modified soy and grain feed. Let's face it: There aren't too many meat options left anymore. The more I think of it, keeping and feeding unwanted kids from the lesser places of the world is not at all a bad idea. The key will be to find enough uncontaminated food to fatten them with before slaughter.

In addition, given the fact that some whole cultures of brown-skinned people have sometimes taken to cannibalism, these children and their parents will know Man is quite capable of eating Man when the need arises. Bon appétit.