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Ryan Moves Left Right

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:52 AM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

The Republicans pick of Paul Ryan for VP is a move so exquisite I am nearly speechless. I just hope it is not so cute as to give the whole game away. We love to rail against Obama at HR because he's a democrat and that's our job, but most of us know he is only part of the phoney left we set up long ago. Except for his watered-down healthcare program which is largely a gift to all of us with insurance company stock, we have been able to keep him totally in check as he has continued or even topped the policies our Rove-Bush-Cheney juggernaut began: unregulated (happily lawless) wiretapping of American citizens; the extrajudicial killing of anybody, anytime, whom the President deems an "enemy combatant," including American citizens with drones or whatever it takes; bank and "investment company" bailouts that continue the public risk-for-private-profit motif which has hugely enriched those of us at the top; the prosecution of whistle blowers like Julian Assuange or Bradley Manning; the Rove-born, politically-motivated prosecution/persecution of former Alabama governor Don Siegelman; the neglect of the destroyed city of New Orleans; the coverup of the Sept. 11, 2001 Black Ops conspiracy theory of an Arab on dyalisis masterminding a hijacking that scored three of four direct hits in the most protected airspace in the world using "Arab" pilots that couldn't fly a twin engine Cessna at the CIA's Bradenton, Fla. cutout. . .  the list goes on and on.

Obama is, truth be told, our man, too; but even if, by chance, he is re-elected, it will be that much easier for him to move even further to the right. It is all so beautifully calibrated. There are no accidents in politics, such as Romney's announcing Ryan as the next President. Ryan will one day be President, and Mitt knows it, knows Ryan is our man for the long run, even if we can't fix this 2012 election to go our way. People like Rove, etc., al., do this for a living – gather SuperPac money and spread it around for us – and it is ALL they do. It's not a big shock that they are good at it, but it can still be impressively breathtaking with a move like the Ryan VP choice. We are so blessed to have Malthusians like Rove and Ryan on our side, working to promote corporate profits and further unleash Ayn Rand's social Darwinism. God Bless the Republican party and God Bless America.