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Ryan aborts pro-life stance

Hardy Bohner
Posted on Oct 16 2012 at 3:44 PM
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Just as Henry II taught Becket and the Catholic church that they had better heel before government or risk being murdered, Ryan told the country last night that his and Mitt's government would no longer abide the slaughter of babies. That was the high note of the evening, but unfortunately there's much more to the story.

It was incredibly exciting to see two Catholics duke it out on national television, but it also turned out to be extremely distressing. Of course I cannot abide Biden's backing abortion for any reason, but we knew that was coming. What I didn't see coming was Ryan announcing that he has drastically altered his abortion position – which had previously completely paralleled the Catholic church's – in order to put it in line with Mitt's position du jour. Ryan had previously said he opposes abortion for ANY reason, even in the case of rape or incest, but last night he drastically weakened his pro-life stance, bowing to Mitt's having said he would allow abortion for rape or incest.

The problem there is that doing so would bring up all sorts of additional issues, mainly a woman's lying about what our staff rabbi calls the "splooge" source of her pregnancy. What's to prevent any harlot's simply claiming she was raped or incested in order for her to get a free abortion, courtesy of the new, well-intentioned republican administration? I'm not convinced our boys have thought this one through, and I will be forever mortified at Ryan's moral flip-flopping on such a central issue.