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Romney's Mormonism

Leah Nice
Posted on Apr 12 2018 at 9:54 AM
Latest Articles | Leah Nice

Our discussions of Mitt Romney's religion continue at as they do, I'm sure, across the US.

Some of us have read “Under the Banner of Heaven” by John Krakauer, and feel the entire religion is simply illegitimate or at the very least un-American. As someone whose parents escaped persecution in Cuba, I am also symnpathetic to the peole slaughtered by Mormons in the  Mountain Meadows Massacre. You can say Romney didn't slaughter 140 men, women and children from Arkansas, but the people who formed his religion sure did, and then tried to cover it up. Brigham Young was later seen in one of the fancy tooled wagons the Mormons stole from some of those people they murdered.

Mormon founder Joseph Smith, whom Romney and others worship, was driven out of one place after another for marrying underage girls and encouraging the practice for others. But that's not the worst of it. He was killed when a mob attacked him for burning down his friend’s newspaper business. They saw it as freedom of the press under attack, but this was back in the days when people thought freedom of the press was important. Smith burned down his friend's business after Smith had "relations" with the publisher/friend’s wife. The friend actually weathered that horror, but the man could not accept Smith’s not renouncing multiple marriages with children. So you begin to see the complications as our editorial “discussions” continue unabated. We promise to let you know as soon as we can all agree on whether we should endorse Romney or not. Stay tuned. . . or cartooned.



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