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Religion IS my party

Hardy Bohner
Posted on Dec 13 2018 at 11:39 AM
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by Hardy Bohner

Mike Lofgren just wrote a supposedly "tell-all" book  in which he claims to be a former Republican "insider." If he really were what he claims, he never would have written such a deplorable tract, excerpted here: GOP Insider: How religion destroyed my party. I hardly have time to touch on this insipid work, which I plan never to read (I haven't read Marque de Sade's "work" either); but at a glance, I see he carps about the whole notion of "Born Again" Christians. He claims they use the concept as "Cheap Grace" to justify not only every bad thing they've ever done before being born again, but also everything they do afterwards.

Hello! That's the whole point of BEING born again! What other reason would one have FOR being born again if not to erase the old slate and also get a free pass from that point on? I thought the Catholics had a pretty nice monopoly on the idea with the weekly confessional, in which people hide behind a screen and tell you how they poisoned their neighbor's dog or "knew" their friend's wife on a lost weekend in Seattle, or something like that. My job was to give them "pennance," prayers to repeat to make all the bad stuff go away. I always gave three "Hail Mary's" and one "Our Father" (the Lord's prayer) no matter what they did. Could have been a kid who confessed to stealing a candy bar and touching himself or a guy who coveted his neighbor's wife, it was all the same to me. The idea is you just had to feel guilty about what you had done for the time it took you to say those prayers, and then you were back in action, committing the same sins the next week.

The born again Republicans have improved that antiquated system tremendously, streamlined and modernized it for efficiency, so I can't see the problem Lofgren claims. If anything, his book should help convert a whole new crop of folks into being born again. It's a great way to hedge your bets on the afterlife.