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Poor don't Pay Taxes Either

Morty (Rabbi) Rabinovitzski
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:51 AM
Latest Articles | Morty (Rabbi) Rabinovitzski

I don't understand all the hubbub over Romney's failure to disclose his tax returns. The Hobo'Ama socialist regime would have you think this is a crime. You know what's a frickin' crime, it's all the schvartzas who don't pay any taxes at all.

The Mitt-tastic Man, $48,000,000 a year earner, pays a marginal tax rate of 13%.  Oh my frickin' G-d!  That's over six million dollars in taxes a year. Compare that to the entire population of Harlem and Mitt-a-mania pays more in taxes than the entire Burrough.

Mitt "Mo'Money" Romney pays his fair share. In fact, he pays more than his fair share. He is criticized because he is in a business that has a lower tax rate than other businesses. But what business produces more cash flow and pays less taxes than Mo'Money Romney?  Just ask you local hooker (and I don't mean Destiny) or drug dealer. They don't pay any taxes at all!

I went undercover to find out how they get away with this.  I spoke to an enterprising young business man on the street corner of 1st Avenue and 119th Street. You wouldn't believe what I found out. This businessman invests his money in "product" which he dilutes and sells for three times what he paid for it. His profit margin is enormous, he has no overhead, yet he pays no taxes.  None at all. In fact, he collects food stamps because he doesn't have any "taxable" income. But do we ask to see his tax returns?  No we don't.

And you want to talk about dismantling businesses, this upstanding non-tax paying citizen dismantles his completion by AK-47. And who pays to clean up the mess, tax payers like Mo'Money Romney.

And when I found me a hooker (still not Destiny) I paid her cash and she did not charge me tax.  I offered to pay my 8 1/4% sales tax and she looked at me like I was the white devil.

When I asked her if she felt bad about not paying taxes she told me to "shut the fuck up! You better hurry up and cum you cheap Jewish bastard you only paid for 10 minutes!"  I told her to tickle my swollen prostate and it might work faster but she said that would be another $20, no tax.

How dare she cheat the US government out of its fair share of the profits made in the oldest business in the world.  Mitty the Moocher ought to run in the "Leave the rich alone and tax the drug dealers and ho's" platform.

Take it from someone who just bought some bunk coke and got a half ass blow job and paid no sales tax - we need to tax these freeloading, dick sucking dope peddlers and leave the rich alone!