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Piss off, Gun Controllers

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Dec 13 2018 at 11:38 AM
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I'm madder than a Sandy Hook parent who failed acting class at the recent rush to gut the 2nd Amendment. "President" O'Nazi's jack booted government thugs can hug my Glock 9 if they dare to restrict my right to inflict maximum military style carnage with multiple magazines of whatever damn ammo I want.

Who do these Commie confiscators think they are: duly elected representatives? Can these Democrat dunces even READ our blessed Constitution? Do they think a well HATED militia is NOXIOUS to the SANCTITY of a no longer free state? Well, they won't have another think coming after they pry my weapon from my frigid grip because their skulls will be splattered like scrambled eggs.

I found it particularly telling they trotted out some brain damaged Congresswoman who stuttered her way through an assault on our basic rights. And the bald "astronaut" next to her was clearly complicit in the fraudulent "moon landing" and "space travel" hoaxes. is this dog and phony show the best they can do? if so, I look forward to locking them out of my doomsday prepper compound when the upcoming "Obamalypse" happens.