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Obama Bumps Cowboys for Queers

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Nov 04 2018 at 2:08 PM
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I'm madder than Dez Bryant's Mama without a crack pipe. I just heard news the NFL is making the Dallas Cowboys (God's team) play their season opener on a Wednesday so as not to conflict with "President" Obama's speech to the Democrat Convention (Gay Liberal Politburo) This shocking move is proof positive of O'Bummer's Communist nature. Every red-blooded American knows football season starts on Thursday night-and that by all righteousness, most games are played on Sunday. This schedule allows men and boys a reason to skip boring church sermons or at least rush home and ignore the womenfolk.

Is nothing sacred anymore in O'Bambi's cesspool of socialist sin? I bet he's not even a Cowboys fan! Everyone knows the Dallas Cowboys epitomize God-fearing high character team spirit and fair play. Look at their history of upstanding citizen/athletes: Lance Rentzel, Lance Allworth, Rafael Septien-all outstanding role models for children-not to mention Hollywood Henderson, Golden Richards, Michael Irvin ' I can't even list all the great players without pounding a Jumbo Coke for energy! If O'Bastard wants to root for San Francisco and put a Jimmy Hat on his pigskin, that's his business. But to actually change the game time for his Commie swill makes me ill. God Bless Football, the Dallas Cowboys and the USA!!!