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NY Times scolds Libs for Smarty Pants Posturing

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on May 14 2018 at 3:42 PM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

The New York Times published a piece May 12, 2018 titled, "Liberals, You're not as smart as you think."  It addresses the  endless anti-Trump tirades and conservative shaming that blind liberals to their own weaknesses. It shows them that being "smart" and self-righteous doesn't mean you win whatever argument you've started and imagine your listeners care about. What's most remarkable is that the story appeared in the Times at all, that some degree of truth, however minor, was allowed to leak out.  The Times is usually too busy covering up CIA involvement in the murder of JFK, 911 and other large crimes, like every mainstream rag, and painting lipstick on unpalatable pigs like Hillary Clinton, for it to allow any truth to leak out. 

Since the NY Times has always been a key gatekeeper to confuse the real left (if there's any real "left" left), it's curious to see it now speaking a bit of truth.  The democrat party, formerly run so efficiently for decades by mafia, is now run by homos and weirdos of every stripe.  Got a pet peeve or a private beef?  Join the democrat party!  Want to show your democrat friends and family you're not racist or homophobic?  Date a Chinaman or an Indian or suck off a nice black man. Been jailed as a pedophile for hot man-boy love action?  Join NAMBLA and call the ACLU to defend you in your criminal and civil lawsuits.  Want to abort an inconvenient fetus in the second trimester?  Vote democrat and protect your rights.  Want to see disease-infested Arab rape gangs run wild in the streets of your city, vote democrat and take down all the terrible fences that separate us from one another. Want to see a black or a woman elected president instead of another white guy because you know Diversity is the first consideration in any list of the pantheon of victims, join the democrat party.  Just remember to check your gun, your critical thinking skills, and your penis at the door.  

This has been a paid notice from the office of the committee to give Hillary Clinton a do-over and elect her president, because, you know, she's a woman, and it's a woman's turn.