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Voter Fraud Guide

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Apr 12 2018 at 9:56 AM
Latest Articles | C. Wadsworth

I'm madder than Bull Conner with a fire hose at last week's Federal Court decision to invalidate Texas' voter ID law. To assist our readers here at, I have created a handy acronym explaining why the Democrat Party so violently opposes the logic of demanding picture ID at voting places this November. Just remember the mnemonic: PIMPS.

Poor People: Income deprived citizens always vote Democrat. They spend their meager money on food, clothing and shelter, not IDs. Most couldn't pose properly for pictures anyway.

Indigent people: Don't confuse the poor with the indigent. The poor earn their slave wages in our businesses. The indigent soak their sustenance from honest taxpayers. I propose requiring a special ID for anyone receiving government assistance that automatically deprives the holder the right to vote.

Minorities: negroes, beaners, gooks, indians: push, pull and powwow..Nuff said!

Pissants: Basically anyone without any power or control over their lives. People in our path on whom we can trickle down our help on their little hills of life with our strong stream of wealth.

Students: College students do drugs, hate America and have no discernible purpose, proof of origin or residence or college transcripts just like their hero "President" BaColumbia Harvard Occidental.

Just remember: don't let PIMPS vote and the glorious salvation of our nation under the Romney/Ryan regime is at hand!!