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No to Amnesty says C. Wad

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Apr 11 2018 at 9:02 AM
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I'm madder than an upside down donkey in Boystown at BaMex Tamale O'Migo's executive order to allow millions of now grown "jumping bean babies" to avoid deportation to their ancestral homeland just because they speak English and have squatted here most of their lives. IF their lawbreaking shiftless parents had stayed South with their fellow brown skins, this "dilemma" wouldn't even exist, nor would they.

Gracias a Dios for Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer! She isn't going to allow these Chiclet vending leeches to access any state services. She knows how bad these people drive, licensed or not. She understands what our Ethnic in Chief does not: Hispanics do nothing but take siestas and drain our social services. While I can appreciate midget bar backs, cheap leaf blowers, and hotel housekeepers as much as the next entitled Anglo, I damn sure don't think the Latin litters they carry across the border in their teeth or fanny packs deserve special treatment.

So what if they have high achievement in education or employment? That is all the more reason to ship them back to their cesspools of origin, where they can boost those foul economies so no more of their mongrel hordes are forced to emigrate to our blessed land.

To Gov Jan Brewer I say: may your yeast rise! All real Americans should have Carta Blanca to force a Corona of Thorns on these Negro Modelos and drive them right into the Pacifico!