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Nicknames for Negroes

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:43 AM
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What's all this fuss about the NFL banning the use of the so-called N word? While I agree with Toby and Jack, they are just getting their panties in a C Wad like the NEGRESS I went down on in L.A. once who squirted juice out her clitoris. It was shocking yet ultimately refreshing.

If the NFL can hire replacement players and replacement refs during strikes, surely they can replace the N word. For Richie Incognito, and indeed, all the mental midgets out there, here is a list of replacement terms.

SPEARCHUCKER: Back to Africa, Mandingo!

JUNGLE BUNNY: And we'll skin your black ass like a rabbit at a hunting camp

BUCK: We'll hunt you like a deer, as well

FURHEAD: Water that Chia Pet, Groundskeeper!

COTTON PICKER: Origin of the three point stance

JIG: Dance for me

HIGH YELLOW: Light skinned, Half White, Mr. President

MOOLIE: Mud people of Vegas


PORCH MONKEY: Hold that brass lantern high!

SAMBO: Little Black

TARBABY: Song of the South

UNCLE TOM: All Negroes on Morning Talk Shows, Mr President

YARD APE: Bolt the door, baby!

Nicknames for Negroes are a long honored tradition among the right white Republican class. To hell with the NFL as it tries to scrub our society clean of the darkness of racial hate:  LONG LIVE WHITE PRIVILEGE!!