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Nice Girl Joins our Big Staff

Leah Nice
Posted on Apr 12 2018 at 9:56 AM
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I think I was only asked to be on staff because they thought I was Mexican. If you're dark haired and dark eyed and live in Texas, everybody thinks you're Mexican. But I'm Cuban and now they think my father was part of Alpha 66. Anyway, put me down as not sure about Romney. My people still blame Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs and Castro's long rein, so we're trained since birth to vote Republican, but Romney is making it difficult to balance the natural hatred with something attractive or loveable. I don't know.

I saw Ann Coulter on Fox the other day railing against one of Romney's campaign helpers and she was so angry, as she always is, and that made her extremely unfeminine and terribly unattractive. It struck me as odd how unhappy she appeared considering that she and her husband are millionaires many times over. I guess she is afraid the Democrats are going to take away a little more of her money in taxes and give it to poor people. What else does she want? I can't help wondering. What is she really after? Is it just power, as they say, because her whole manner was approaching a kind of manic manliness I can't understand in women. It's sad and painful to see a woman that way. You can't hate everybody is what I think. I love my family and our pets. Sometimes that is enough.