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Nice Confesses to vote change

Leah Nice
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:33 AM
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I can't explain what happened but it was sort of like when I was in college and met this guy who really wasn't anything special, but then he started playing his acoustic guitar and singing and the next thing I knew I could feel his hot breath in my neck and  I was looking up at the ceiling fan in his apartment and I thought, how did this happen? How did I get here? I hardly knew the guy, and it all happened so fast all I could think is that it had something to do with that guitar music. It was crazy.

I had forgotten all about that until this week when something similar happened. I was in the voting booth all set to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, when something came over me I can't explain, like the guy with the guitar. A video of Mitt Romney changing his position 180 degrees on abortion and women's rights, global warming, tax cuts for wealthy people, social security, Obamacare, everything, started looping in my head and I couldn't stop it until I voted for Obama. In the end, I realize now that he doesn't scare me as much as Romney and Ryan did. As a Catholic, I don't plan to ever get an abortion; but what if something happens with a guitar player I can't control and I get pregnant? I'm not saying that is going to happen because it's not, but what if it did? Do I want to carry the baby of a guitar player who doesn't really care about me, but he can really play?