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Negroes doom Masters

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Apr 11 2018 at 8:44 AM
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After reviewing Anna Coldbottom's latest observation I have to gently yet firmly take her in hand as a man should a woman. The Masters was doomed the moment they let Negroes into Augusta National in roles other than servants. The filthy scrum outside the supermarket was obviously one rumbling stomach away from a massive chimp out as the police chief in the article stated.

Don't these pissants get enough from their Government Nanny provided food stamps or EBT cards? They won't even respectfully spend OUR money to purchase the high fat processed edibles available in their food ghetto neighborhoods. They have to disrupt the lawful bankruptcy proceedings of a respected financial institution to beg for crumbs. I suppose it is the only time they CAN interact with a bank since they ruined the entire economy with their low income housing loans a few years ago, directly leading to one of their fellow Africans occupying the no longer White House.

As the gorgeous flowers of Southern womanhood, Anna and her ilk need protecting from the rampaging horde of savage starving spear chuckers depicted in this sick example of the depravity of the darker races. Thank God so many of us at are more than able to don our white sheets and willingly ride into the role of noble protector of all that is righteous in this rapidly deteriorating society of ours.



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