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MSNBC Afternoon Lineup

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Nov 04 2018 at 2:00 PM
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I'm madder than Rachel Maddow with a strap on as I watch the afternoon shows on MSNBC (Major Socialist Network Broadcasting COMMIES). Look at these ass clowns:

1. THE CYCLE: This round table copycat of The Five on the Sainted Fox News Network features four Gen Exers bloviating their blather like four freshman in a stoner circle. At least two are hot chicks: S E (C or D) Cupp and Krystal (whom I"d like to) Ball. There is also some four eyed nerd named Steve and a Negro named Toure. Is he an 80's R & B singer? He thinks he is a smooth operator but he is really just another uppity talking head who complained on air that he didn't climb the affirmative action tree all the way to Yale like his hero "President" O'Liar.

2. Martin Bashir: Is he English, Indian, both, neither? Whether push start, pull start or pow-wow, he made his claim to fame practically driving the great white rock star Michael Jackson to his grave. Now he spouts inane opinions from a Socialist British perspective-all National Health Care babble. I"d like to pound his sterling into the ground.

3. Chris Matthews: This drool spewing fool formerly manned the spit cup for Tip O 'Neill, the fat Boston Mick whom the great Ronald Reagan constantly schooled in the 80s. Nuff said!

4. "Reverend" Al Sharpton: His congregation consists of Tawana Brawley and any overly privileged government teat sucking African American with a bag of Skittles in his pocket. He has lost an impressive amount of weight; maybe he is on crack or meth as Mayor Marion Barry was.

If you have to watch cable news, even the Gays and Jews at CNN are better than the (Massively Satanic Negroid Barack-loving Crew) at MSNBC.