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C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:41 AM
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I feel compelled to drop my air sickness bucket and reach for my keyboard after watching the latest ass clowns hired by MSNBC (Mega Sicko Nazi Barack Clones). I thought their "programs" might improve when they dropped that fat Jimmy Hoffa clone Ed Shultz but they just doubled down on these Leninist Loudmouths:

1. Lawrence O'Donnell: How many morons named O'Donnell can this sorry excuse for a news organization drag out of Irish pubs? You would think a self-proclaimed Boston street Mick would have some gonads but all this simpering suit does is challenge his betters to fistfights, then back down. His Last Word is a slurring socialist swill in his Guinness.

2. Chris Hayes: What Christopher Street glory hole was he "All In" when they pulled his mouthpiece out? Maybe he was serving as his buddy Rachel Maddow"s beard at the Cubby Hole instead? Wherever they unearthed this bicycle riding radical, I only hope some capitalist's large limo mows him down in front of 30 Rock the next time he blows his dog whistle for his Democrat dunce comrades.

3. Melissa Harris Perry aka Molasses Negress Hairy. This wicked wench actually advocated Government seizure of children to send to "reeducation" camps of the Communist Cuban variety. It takes a Village Idiot to even take this Hottentot seriously.

4. Alex Wagner: NOW this chick is almost hot enough to be on the blessed FOX network, if only she were a bottle bleach blonde instead of our own DAON LO's long lost sister.

I predict these traitors, tin horn talking heads and talentless ticks will continue to tank this "network" into the ratings toilet, where their fecal liberal ideals float.