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Mormon Penis Biter not Mitt's Man

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Nov 04 2018 at 2:08 PM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

Mormon leader Efrey Guzman stands accused of biting the penis of a man who tried to stop Guzman from raping his little sister, but Guzman was no friend of Mitt Romney’s and this "story" doesn't have anything to do with the LDS church's still allowing men to marry little girls. And you can be damned sure that Mitt does not abide penis biting. You can be very sure Mitt does not approve of a grown man biting the penis of a 20-year-old boy trying to stop a 46-year-old Mormon from sexually assaulting his 13 year old sister, even if that 46-year-old man is an LDS branch president.

You’re going to hear a lot of crap in the liberal media about this “story,” but it will all be just one more non incident that will be used to try to discredit Mitt for his leadership position in the church of Latter Day Saints. There is some confusion, surprisingly, among “some” LDS members, about the sexual “readiness” of 13-year-old girls, but rest assured our man Mitt has never married a 13 year old.

There are problem people in any religion. I think Hitler may have been Methodist for a time, or maybe a Jehovah's Witness. And wasn't the Boston Strangler  raised Catholic? Gentle reader, correct me if I’m wrong. I hate to make wild guesses about religion, but the point remains: every religion in every time period in all the world has some black sheep in it, a few rotten apples that give the whole program a bad name. The Catholics have a little ongoing pedophilic priest problem. At Penn State recently a child sex predator ran wild – a serial kiddie raper named Jerry Sandusky – but you can’t blame Sandusky on the people at the top, no matter what the NCAA said. Maybe those in charge thought Sandusky wasn’t going to do it again, so they let the status quo ride. From the Mormon perspective, they have got to believe that it is possible no Mormon adult will ever try to rape a child again, regardless of marriage with children still being codified on their books and perhaps confusing some of the faithful about how a child might (or might not) receive a man's advances.