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Monsanto Tumor Rumor

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Sep 25 2012 at 4:53 PM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

Monsanto may be good for your investment portfolio but bad for your health.  Rats fed GMO corn and exposed to Monsanto's Roundup develop tumors. But don't worry, spin doctors are hard at work for Monsanto right now working on this latest "science" to prove to the world that GMOs are perfectly safe and this "study" is nothing at all to be alarmed about, etc. – nothing to see here, folks, just keep moving. So your Monsanto investments will likely remain safe. We will just call the GMO doubters "earth cookies" and "alarmists" and "conspiracy theorists" and so on and everything will be just fine.

But just for your amusement, here are a couple of fun facts: Most studies not funded by agri businesses like Monsanto have found that not only do GMO crops NOT provide the greater yields they advertise, GMOs provide smaller yields. And not only do GMOs not need less pesticide than Monsanto has touted (farmers are no. 1 in cancer rates in the country; think maybe that has anything at all to do with pesticides?),  GMOs need more pesticide than conventional crops because all the GMO mixing and splicing and Faustian  science gymnastics ends up spawning superweeds and superbugs that can't be stopped no matter how much pesticide is applied. But the bulky tumors GMOs make in rats unveils another reason why Monsanto presents such a nice investment opportunity for the discerning investor.

Think of the possibilities! Messing with mother nature sets the stage for the creation of designer diseases for which only the company that makes the highest bid can provide the antedote. Certain undesirable peoples, hell, even whole continents can be made impotent by the right concoctions (similar to the way in which chemicals in the environment have helped reduce sperm counts in normal males by as much as 50 percent, in addition to feminizing men with endocrine disruption from plastic and pesticides and other powerful substances loosed on the world by industry that controls the EPA and congress

Overpopulation a problem in some areas of the world? Plant GMOs that will either kill people outright with soft tissue cancers or at least slow reproduction or maybe keep those people from reproducing altogether. (Oh, I'm not hypothesizing that this is happening; I'm just entertaining possibilities, here, folks. I'm just an idea man.) The pentagon is already working with industry on some of the possibilities to protect your present or future Monsanto investments.  Man first tilled the soil in Mesopotamia thousands of years ago, but part of the condition of our "assistance" for those people in Iraq was forcing the puppet government we set up there to contract only with Monsanto for all their farming needs. (After all, a nice biotech company like Monsanto must know more about farming than people who have only been doing it a few thousand years.) And here's where your investment is safe: Like joining the mob, contracting with Monsanto means never having a chance to leave. GMOs cross pollinate to pollute the genes of plants miles away, so once they're planted, GMOs never go away. Lots of what is now sold as "organic food" is cross pollinated to such an extent that closer inspection often reveals the presence of GMOs. Monsanto's long stated goal is to copyright all the seeds in the world, and with the continued assistance of the U.S. government (assisted by the U.S. army, of course), the company has made some serious inroads in that direction. And with friendly research facilities like Stanford University (funded by Monsanto, of course) providing cover in the form of "reviewing" studies and announcing to the world a couple weeks ago that there's no benefit to eating organic food, Monsanto is in the pole position to gain ownership of all the food supply in the world. If you think that's hyperbole, you haven't done your research into this little company.

It's a perfect little setup to partnership with the government, so if you are perhaps looking to diversify that investment portfolio, you can make a nice devil's bargain and invest in Monsanto and other "agri-businesses." Make as much money as you can. You're an american and that's your right; but if you value your health, you might want to do what they do in Monsanto's corporate offices and not serve or eat GMO foods. Have a nice day.



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