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Mitt's Rocket sinks Obama

Anna Coldbottom
Posted on Apr 11 2018 at 8:39 AM
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I suppose I like size as well as any girl, if the hole (sic) truth be told, but size matters less in a debate than the ability to drop one's pants and fire a rocket at the moderator's command. Nobody can drop his pants and fire a rocket faster than Mitt Romney. Obama looked so confused. (Does a bigger penis make one think more slowly? Is it something to do with swinging around in the wind like a loose pendulum or something?) Did Oby-One-Nairobi think Mitt had come to Denver for a friendly tete-a-tete over tea and crumpets? I almost felt sorry for O'Bummer, but then I remembered how he plans to raise my taxes to pay for the health care of losers and old people who can't take care of themselves, apparently. Tough love is what this world is about.

Mitt has famously said he likes to fire people, but it's the American people who will get to vote for firing Obama. I can hardly wait for the second debate to see Mitt fire again at the Kenyan with the little head.