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Miscegenation can not Stand

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:48 AM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

As a born again Christian Republican with family values as sturdy as petrified wood, I've got some pretty exacting standards that do not, that cannot, abide miscegenation. I'm not saying I'm in total agreement with the Third Reich's eugenics experiments that proved the superiority of the Caucasian race (except for a small hiccup in the 1936 Olympics), I am just thinking aloud here that the junior congressman from Wisconsin has thrown us all a vicious curveball with this shocking revelation that he "dated" a negro girl. I thought he said Ayn Rand inspired his political ambitions! Now I'm wondering if he has any idea at all where Ms. Rand was coming from. I thought Ryan was OUR man. But I'm trying to be positive here. Maybe he didn't exchange precious bodily fluids with that girl. But that's only half of it. If he really did date a schvartze, he may weaken at the crucial moment when we need to cut the poor's parasitic (Rand really loved that lovely word)  embryonic cord from the government womb.  Is Ryan some sort of Trojan horse only pretending with his budget plan that he supports every Malthusian notion we've had in the playbook since Reagan? I don't know if our Toby reads these posts, so I've got to be a little careful, a little delicate, and if theres anything I despise its delicacy or nuance. Say it ain't so, Paul! Seriously, say it. Clinton said he didn't inhale and that seemed to work for voters – he did get elected twice. If you want to get elected, you have GOT to appear on Fox news right now, this instant, and explain this mess away somehow. The fate of the party is in your hands, dude. Stand up and make this thing Right!