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Military Suicides help Industry and Government

Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:49 AM
Latest Articles | Mengeli

Dr. Coburn is being condemned by your american liberal press for encouraging soldier suicides. He said that as a doctor he could not save them; therefore no one can save them. I am also a doctor, so I know this is true. In reality, Dr. Coburn is a great humanitarian whose experiment in letting nature take its course with mentally damaged soldiers is better for all. This is called utitarianism. Look it up, americans. This is about doing what will result in the greatest good for the greatest number.

The welfare rolls swell with shell-shocked veterans of any war. This puts a tremendous burden on the state. The ship of state would sink trying to care for all these damaged peoples. They must be eliminated as quickly as possible by one method or another. Letting them kill themselves is the most humanitarian method available, at present. When we set up the camps in WWII, we were called evil monsters. But we secured important free labor for the  Rockefellers, I.G. Farben, George Herbert Walker, Averell Harriman, Prescott Bush, Henry Ford, etc. The billions they made from their efforts to fund the Nazis rise to power and build  Germany (into a bulwark against Russia and communism) were also used at the same time to create jobs in America. Successful industrialists must always play both sides or risk losing everything.

We did what was best for all. Many did not survive the camps, but there have always been population problems on this earth. Too many people compete for scarce resources. The free labor is always most vital for industry. People must die. So what? People  too weak to further contribute to industry must always be eliminated. Self elimination is always best, and the least damaging to the overall industry which runs the world. The society is also less troubled to see suicide than mass killings. Having soldiers put bullets into their own brains is far superior to lining them up and shooting them in the neck Soviet style. The truth is not for most people to see or discuss.

How do you say in America – have a nice day.

Everything is a Rich Man's Trick

I do not approve of this video, which O'Mahoff insisted accompany my story, but it can prove instructive in the right hands. If you are one of us, please watch it. If you are not one of us, watching it will show you how helpless you are to our greater powers; so it makes no difference to anyone who matters whether you watch it or not.