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Magic's Johnson disses Race Card

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Apr 11 2018 at 8:46 AM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

Our Toby rightly identifies the real problem in the sordid tableaux of NBA basketball owner Don Stirling telling his main squeeze not to bring the AIDS-riddled Magic Johnson into the Don's home arena. The last time I checked, every American has the right to choose who or who not to entertain in his own house.

Toby rightly declares that Magic has the right to stick his Johnson into any "ho" he likes. We've all got rights and can use them as we see fit. This isn't a question of rights. It's a silly cultural clash in which one side overplays its hand. Now you've got Magic defending his Johnson on TV to tell us he will pray for the Don because the Don is a "racist." This is laughable. The Don pays giant black men just like Magic millions of dollars a year to bounce basketballs and white women on floors all over the country. The EEOC ain't got nothin' on the Don, who has done at least as much for black-white relations as Magic's Johnson and Wilt's Chamberliner ever did. It's time for Magic and the rest of the silly media to stop playing the race card on a guy whose very existence promotes and celebrates black-white relations. 

Ever since Clarence Thomas introduced the country to Long Dong Silver, a gifted black porn star, and then got himself appointed to the Supreme Court by claiming he was the victim of a high tech lynching (after a black woman, Anita Hill, accused him of sexually harassing her, which was hilariously ironic, as Thomas was, at the time, head of the EEOC), it has been ludicrous to hear a black man play the race card. One needs only witness the tremendous success of Long Dong, Magic's Johnson and Clarence Thomas to see that the black man is not only no longer a victim of "prejudice," as Clarence Thomas ingeniously claimed, but a victim of his own amazing success. Magic said he was no Wilt Chamberlaid, but still admitted to bouncing on thousands of women all over the country. There's not a man in America, black, white, whatever, who doesn't recognize that as anything but success, and success that few men beyond basketball players, porn stars and EEOC "Heads" can enjoy.

The tremendous opportunities for black men in porn, basketball and the pinnacle of the legal profession alone prove once and forever that it's time to stop playing the race card.